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Customer Testimonials: Opinions That Matter

With Granite Realty & Investment LLC, service comes first, last and always. If our customers are happy, we're happy.


Here's what some of our clients are saying about us:


My husband and I are very happy with Granite Realty!  This company is by far the best realty company/landlord we have worked with.  They are easily accessible, extremely helpful and very quick to respond to any problems.

                                                                             Liz, tenant September 2012

Thanks so much for everything Aaron!!  I have never had a landlord more understanding and reasonable....and just plain KIND than you guys.  I loved living there, and I seriously am sad (albeit just a little bit :) ) that I left.  I will definitely be checking around for places that I know Granite Realty owns for future places of residence. :)  Thank you again, and have a great holiday season! 

                                                                              -Jennifer, tenant.  Dec 2012 

"I have loved every minute of living at the Rob Roy. Very friendly neighbors, great memories, the room was perfect while I was in college and lived there for two years. It was convenient to walk to close food and entertainment and it was easy to walk downtown. The management was amazing. Anytime I ever needed anything, they were quick to reply and never ignored me. If you are looking for a studio at a great price, do not be afraid to check out the Rob Roy. "  -Jim, tenant June 2013

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