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Granite Realty & Investment LLC

1726 Downing St.

Denver, CO 80218


Phone: 303 831-0797

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Granite Realty was started by Mark E. Yoder in 1991. Ms. Deborah F. Yoder joined the company in 1997. Both are licensed real estate brokers. Mark has an MBA and degree in geology; Debbie has a degree in accounting. We both worked many years in the petroleum industry.


We have owned, managed and acted as real estate broker for apartments and commercial buildings the entire time since 1991. In Denver, we manage a retail strip center for others, manage 12 Homeowners Associations comprising about 150 units, own 103 apartment units, and manage 25 additional units for others; we have 4 full-time employees. In Oklahoma City we own 67 apartment units and have 3 full-time employees.


We withhold and report employee wage taxes, and have workers compensation, liability, E&O and various other insurances in both states. We are well experienced in employment, tax, insurance, landlord-tenant, and Homeowners Association matters.


We oversee much building maintenance work including new roofs, gutters, boilers, paving and water heaters, HVAC equipment, windows, doors and the like. We have plenty of plumbing and electrical experience. We have fire, health and safety experience as related to real estate. We oversee elevators, fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Our office is located at 1726 Downing St in Denver.


We have been subject to routine audits over the years by the Colorado Real Estate Commission, Colorado Department of Labor and credit reporting agencies. Nothing was found wrong and they were favorably impressed with our operation.


We pride ourselves on being a low-profile company that charges reasonable fees, yet gets the job done.

The Brokers at Granite Realty & Investment LLC:

You can get learn a little about our experienced brokers right here. We look forward to meeting you in person, so make an appointment or stop by anytime! The first meeting is non-binding and completely free of charge.



Mark E. Yoder

Broker, MBA




Phone: 303 831 0797


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