Maintenance Emergency Procedure


In the event of a maintenance emergency, please do the following:


Determine if the problem is specific to your home only or if the entire building is affected.  Determine if the problem originated in another tenant'svunit or the “common areas”.  Then call us in the following order:


Granite Realty Office                                              (303) 831-0797

Mark Yoder (General Manager) cell:                      (303) 949-7918

James Scully (Property Manager) cell:                  (808) 286-2367



If you do not get a timely call back or help from the people at the above telephone numbers, then you must take it upon yourself to call the following 24 hour contractors….


Slow drains/minor plumbing:

Killians Drain Service            (720) 276-5609

Note: Not Available 24/7


Sewer Service:                                     

ColoradoSewer Service        (303) 424-0448

Available 24/7



Broomhall Brothers                (303) 278-6417


Boiler/Heat Problems:                          

Broomhall Brothers               (303) 278-6417


If no one can get to your property timely, and a plumbing leak is damaging the property, then turn off the entire water supply to your building.  If you do not know how to turn off the water supply, call the Denver Water Department at 303-628-6801, and they will do it for you.




WARNING: If the Boiler is running for heat or domestic hot water, then the Boiler must be SHUT-DOWN if the Water is turned off – Otherwise the Boiler will be destroyed.


FOR  CATASTROPHIC EVENTS (Fire, Storm Damage, Injuries, etc.) CALL 911!








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